If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch


If you Find Me CoverFourteen year old Carey has lived with her mother in the middle of a national forest almost as long as she can remember. She has vague memories of the father; her mother says he beat them; her mother claims she rescued her from him. And yet, Carey and her beloved younger sister Jenessa have been alone in the camper in the woods for weeks with no heat or electricity and their meager food supplies are quickly dwindling. Soon a man shows up with a social worker, and Carey’s life is turned upside down. She can survive on almost nothing in the woods, but can she survive a “normal” family life and high school? What has become of Carey’s mother? Who is Jenessa’s father? Was Carey’s father really abusive? What happened on the “white-star night”? This tale of survival, family ties and dysfunction is a quick yet compelling read I would recommend to reluctant and avid readers alike.

This cover image has an aura associated with it. See earlier post on Aurasma for directions on how to view the aura. Book trailer courtesy of Nancy Robinson.



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