Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Carry On and Fangirl pic

Simon Snow is the Chosen One in the world of mages. He and his nemesis roommate, Baz, are in their last year at the elite magical school of Watford. Simon was an orphan living among the “Normals” until the Mage made him his heir and brought him to Watford. The mage world is being threatened by the Insidious Humdrum, who looks exactly like Simon did at 11. Humdrum is damaging the magical community by creating dead spots where magic won’t work. Simon, along with his best friend, Penelope, his former girlfriend, Agatha and Baz, are crazily trying to figure out how to stop the Humdrum. Sound vaguely Potteresque? It is intended to be!  Carry On is supposed to be the last book in the fan fiction series Cath, the lead character in Fangirl, writes about Simon Snow and his world. So Carry On is a real novel based on fan fiction in a book of fiction that is basically HP fan fiction. got it





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