Jude by Kate Morgenroth

Jude cover

This book grabs you right from the opening scene. Teenage Jude is sitting watching TV as the police work the crime scene of the murder of his father. They know Jude knows more than he is telling about the murder of his abusive, drug dealing father, but he refuses to cooperate with them. Why???

During their investigation they discover the identity of Jude’s mother, who his father told him left them when he was a baby. It turns out his heroin dealer wife abusing father kidnapped him from his mother when he was just three weeks old. Now Jude is living in the lap of luxury with his mother, who is a DA. Things are going great until one of Jude’s friends dies of a heroin overdose, and he is implicated. Things get even more complicated from here. Read the book to follow Jude’s trial and what happens next.


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