Front Lines by Michael Grant

Front Lines is a gritty work of alternate history, imagining World War II with women in combat roles. In telling the stories of three very different teen girls, author Michael Grant squarely confronts the vulgar truths of the times: Racism, profanity, sexual violence, and wartime horrors are presented bluntly and abundantly, and the result is an immersive, empathetic reading experience. Privates and officers use coarse, offensive language (though Grant sometimes substitutes tweaked spellings, such as “fug” and “Nigra”). Female soldiers are still a new presence in the military, and they’re subjected to lewd comments and misogynistic treatment by their male colleagues and many officers. Aside from that, however, they experience the war just as the boys and men do: They’re inspired, vengeful, terrified, smart-alecky, regretful, and worried. This is the first book in a series.~ Common Sense Media


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